Veteran Chef Pabilis Silva applauds Artificial Beach Project in Mount Lavinia

    The Artificial Soft Beach Nourishment Project centering the Mount Lavinia beach is a successful initiative, veteran Chef Pabilis Silva has revealed.

    The chief Chef of the Mount Lavinia Hotel had earlier objected to the project, stating that it was causing destruction to the existing Mount Lavinia beach.

    “We don’t know who wished for this change. It is a huge crime. You can see the sands filled being washed away. None of the rocks you see now were visible before this atrocity took place”, he stated at the time.

    Speaking during an interview with Sri Lankan artist Iraj Weeraratne, veteran Chef Pablis Silva revealed he had reacted to the initiative out of fear and sadness over the destruction of nature.

    He said however, the Artificial Soft Beach Nourishment Project in Mount Lavinia has provided advantage to numerous people today. (NewsWire)

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