“Sri Lanka is a part of India” ~ Harin

    “Sri Lanka is a part of India” ~ Harin

    Tourism Minister Harin Fernando said that India’s External Affairs Minister had encouraged Indians to visit Sri Lanka as “Sri Lanka is a part of India”.

    During an event in Mumbai, Tourism Minister Harin Fernando mentioned that the External Affairs Minister of India had promoted tourism to Sri Lanka by highlighting the close ties between the two countries. He further shared that India is increasingly engaged in Sri Lanka, including a potential significant investment in three airports. Fernando also pointed out that the cost of living in Sri Lanka is notably lower than in Mumbai, suggesting that residents of Mumbai should consider relocating to Sri Lanka for a more affordable lifestyle.

    Summary of the YouTube Video

    Indian Companies Taking Over Sri Lankan Airports

    • Indian companies are taking over the management of three major airports in Sri Lanka.
    • This decision is seen as a positive development that will benefit Sri Lanka.
    • Indian companies are already involved in various sectors in Sri Lanka, such as fuel tanks and solar energy.

    Investment Opportunities in Sri Lanka

    • The Indian External Affairs Secretary has encouraged travelers to visit Sri Lanka, highlighting the country’s potential.
    • The Lands Minister in Sri Lanka is promoting investment opportunities, suggesting to invest in boutique villas.
    • Sri Lanka is becoming an attractive option for investment compared to expensive cities like Mumbai.

    Tourism Growth in Sri Lanka

    • Sri Lanka exceeded its ambitious tourism target last year by attracting almost 1.5 million tourists.
    • The country aims to attract 2.5 million tourists by 2024, with promising forward bookings and increasing tourist arrivals.
    • Major airlines like Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Fly Dubai have frequent flights to Sri Lanka, contributing to the tourism growth.

    Development of Sri Lankan Airports

    • With increasing tourist arrivals, Sri Lankan airports need development.
    • Well-known companies experienced in airport management are taking over Sri Lankan airports to facilitate growth and improvement.