Teaching license to Private Tuition Teachers

    A Parliamentary Committee has proposed to provide a teaching license to private tuition teachers and give them professional recognition.

    The proposal has been made in the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Education chaired by V. Radhakrishnan at the Parliament complex recently.

    The committee’s attention has been drawn to the quality of private tuition classes islandwide and the discussion in society about the qualifications and quality of these teachers.

    The committee has recommended to the officials of the Ministry of Education to regulate private teachers and give them proper recognition for their profession.

    It was revealed that in other countries a teaching license is issued to private teachers and professional recognition has been given to the profession. Hence, the committee has recommended that such a system should be introduced to Sri Lanka as well.

    The Chairman of the Committee informed the officials of the Ministry of Education to pay immediate attention to the preparation of such a system and submit a report to the Committee on the steps to be taken to regulate private tuition teachers and legally give them professional recognition.

    It was also proposed to establish a special unit within the Ministry of Education to oversee and regulate international schools.

    It was revealed that the National Education Commission is preparing the necessary criteria for the regulation of international schools and other schools that do not come under the purview of the Ministry of Education.

    (Ajith Siriwardana)